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Example of NFT Land Title For Super Rare Stadium In Subversa
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Explore The Realm™ Land Titles and Get Early Access to Land Blocks With
Preconstruction Certificates.

Dan Hughes

CEO | Creative Director | Artist

Welcome To The Realm™

The Realm™ Will Offer a Multiverse of VR Adventures

Imagine not only being able to transport from one island to the other in seconds, but also from one time to another. Go back in time or forward in time within The Realm™ .

Why Buy The Monkey, When You Can OWN The Whole Zoo?

Agricultural Land On Several Islands Are Zoned For Wildlife and Water Park Entertainment.

Each Super Rare NFT Stadium Will Be Dropped As The Realm™ Is Populated With New Members. Subscribe For Early Access!

Visit The Realm™ Island Portfolio

Get a Deeper Understanding of Each Island and What It Means to Be A Land Title Owner.

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Properties Cap

NO More Will Be Offered


NO More Will Be Offered

Land Titles and Pre Construction Certificates

Simply go to SHOP and Purchase a PCC (Pre Construction Certificate) Choose your Certificate.

Or Buy a Land Title and Get One Free with every purchase.!



As Many as You Wish, However, since there are only one of each, you cannot add more of the same serialized Land Title or PCC at checkout. They are each unique in their own way and are individually signed and serialized.



Yes! For Every Land Title You Purchase, You Get a FREE Preconstruction Certificate, Signed Serialized, Minted and Stored On The Ethereum Blockchain.

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