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About Vmax Brokers and Alchemy Studios

Alchemy Studios is Building
The Realm™

Our developers and content creators know the demands for the robust transactional NFT world that is coming and that’s what we’re delivering. With our Patented Technologies in Online Currency Conversion paired with The First Patented NFT Debit Card, NFT Transactions are only a few short weeks away.

Our Development Team

Dan Hughes

CEO | Creative Director

Judy Lamont

CTO | Technical Director

Janna Scott

Compliance Officer | Accounting Services | Elite Advisors

Randy Gruber

COO | Compliance Officer

Jolie Supan

Digital Architect

Shakeel Ahmed

Lead Programmer and Developer

Val McLeod

Ambassador of The Realm

Jim Lam

Southeast Asia Sales Director | Liason

Dar Hughes

Secretary | Broker
The Realm Core Build Out
Currency Conversion Technology
Payment Gateway Integration
Land Title NFT Pre-Release
PCC NFT Pre-Release
cutting edge technology with


Our Apex Virtual Debit Card Integration Technology With Digital Currency ewallets and Payment Gateway through our Virtual World Called (The Realm™) is a proprietary platform by which users can transact within our world and get paid with most native currencies to transact in the physical world.

Our Apex Point of Sale System (POS) is state of the art and Boasts Complete Accounting, Stock Management as well as Complete Inventory of Physical or Virtual Goods. By Using a Patented System of Currency Conversion (POC) Our global Gateway Opens up to The World Very Soon.

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