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Medical University



Fractionalized Ownership Of The Realm™

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Each Are Unique and Serialized

Ultimate Security

Each Are On The ETH Blockchain


Pre Minted For Your Security

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Don't Wait! Get Them Before Yours is Gone.

Each NFT Land Title is Yours to Keep Forever Until YOU Decide to Sell, Transfer, Gift or Auction it Off. 

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Enter The Realm™

The Medical Island

Just Imagine Owning Commercial Property Surrounded By The Medical Industry

We sell you the land blocks to build anything you want within the Zoning you Purchased, Then Re-sell them if you wish and YOU keep the Profits!

  • Medical Resales
  • Equipment and Devices
  • Medical Services
  • Prescriptions and Wellness
Alchemy Studios

Explore Our Islands, Developed with Ingenuity, Dedication, Quality and Realism.

Dan Hughes

Creative Director

With the rapid expanding tools within the Unreal Engine, It is now possible to virtually build anything and everything to do anything inside The Realm™, I have been a pioneer of the Web since dial up was invented. The Realm™ is a Feast for the eyes.

Judy Lamont

Judy Lamont

Senior Tech Advisor

As a Digital Architect and Engineer, I can’t tell you how incredibly real The Realm™ is. I cannot believe how advanced the pre rendering and movement of everything is…Truly Stimulating!

Jolie Supan

Jolie Supan


Our Vision for a Hyper Realistic World built around V-Commerce is becoming a reality for millions of people from all walks of life – We are truly living in the most incredible technologically advanced generation.

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes

Island Destinations
Different Zoning Areas
Super Rare Properties

We Are Developing The Digital Future Now!

what we offer in the realm

Create Your Own Retail Business Easily On Your Industrial Land.

Asclepia Island AKA (Medical Isle) has been designed for the Medical Multiverse, Medical University / Teaching, Medical Labs, Equipment Sales, Medical Products, Educational Facilities, and the state-of-the-art medical advances globally. 

01. Find Your Property In Your Ideal Zone.
02. Build Your Own Business or Office Easily.
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